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Alan's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Alan Wyatt


[LAPSED] Incorrect info on sign up

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Was looking to reduce cost of boiler insurance. Made it clear my current insurance provide for my 11 year old boiler to be replaced if BER with only cost of installation to be paid and I didn't want to lose this valuable benefit. I was assured that 247 Home Rescue offer the same benefit. I was told insurance would only cost £6.25 per month and would include a free boiler service. This seemed strange as the service would normally cost at least that much on its own. My existing cover requires 28 days notice of cancellation so I agreed start date at end of April. Received the welcome email from them including a link to my account. Got part way through and my internet crashed. It then wouldn't allow me to log in again. Having read their T&Cs, I discovered that I would get nothing if my boiler were BER due to its age - so the girl who signed me up lied. I had previously looked at Trust Pilot where the ratings were good, but on further investigation found this site and other sites where detailed complaints appear. There are suggestions that people have been offered incentives to write good reviews on Trust Pilot. I messaged them on their Chat (they were offline at the time) and emailed to say I had changed my mind and didn't want to proceed. Got a call thus morning from a lady saying "just checking all is OK". No doubt prompted by my chat message which they were clearly trying to ignore When I reiterated I didn't want to proceed in view of the misgivings raised by reviews, she tried to convince me to take a balanced view and that all companies have negative and positive reviews. When I stood by my decision, she then insisted on putting me through to their " cancellation team" where the guy I spoke to said the same things as the previous lady. I have still told them clearly I do not wish to proceed but as yet, I have not had any written confirmation from them (they emailed their plan details immediately I signed up, but haven't done this following cancellation). Given the reviews everywhere except Trust Pilot, I have no faith whatsoever that this company would be of benefit if I have a boiler problem. I have made sure my DD has been cancelled ( there were actually 2 DDs on my bank account for some unknown reason - I can only surmise they hope you see 1 DDM and cancel, but that you miss the 2nd one, which would allow them to collect the premium still - either that or they added a 2nd product I had not ordered)

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Lapsed. Alan has not responded in 90 days

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Dear Mr Wyatt, I regret to acknowledge that you may have some cause for complaint and I am eager to rectify this. Please contact me directly at [email protected] where I can investigate your case further and seek some form of satisfactory resolution. Kind regards, Alice Roberts 247 Social Media
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