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Alastair's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Alastair Hagues


Just rip off merchants they should not be allowed to trade

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I joined home rescue 24 7 in December last year, my boiler is very old it's 13 years old and they wanted to put a £75 excess on it which I agreed to do. There were no excesses on any of the other items – plumbing – electrics – wasp nests et cetera. I had a drain block on 9 May 2017, rang them up to try and get someone to unblock it and they said that the £75 excess applies to everything on my policy which is totally untrue, they wanted a £75 payment over the phone before they would ask for someone to come and Unblock he drain. I refused to pay that, And got local drain firm for £20 cash in hand to do the job. I have now cancelled my direct debit to 24 7 – – they have blocked my access to my terms of business on their website, I have insured with another company these people are just not fit to trade

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