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Maureen's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Maureen Collier


Lack of support and overcharge

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I telephoned 24/7 Home Rescue on Sunday 25th February regarding my Vailant Boiler which had stopped working. When I eventually made contact I was advised that an Engineer would visit the following day. He did call and told me that a new part was needed and he would return later. I heard nothing further and telephoned 24/7 during the next day. I was informed that my Boiler could not be repaired by 24/7 as the cost would exceed 60% of the price of the boiler. If I wanted, they would contact Vailant as they had a contract with them, to arrange a repair. I agreed and was told I had to pay £245 for this to be done. I had already paid my £45 excess when I first called 24/7. When I heard nothing from 24/7 all next day, I contacted them again (with difficulty). They told me Vailant had reported no reply from me to their call and they had left messages on my answerphone. Eventually it turned out that 24/7 had given them the wrong telephone number on two separate occasions. When I finally contacted Vailant, the earliest time they could give me was the following Monday. I appreciate it was a very cold snowy week and Vailant were not to blame, but I stressed to all concerned that I am 75 year old lady living alone and I was finding having no heating or hot water very difficult. However a Vailant Engineer arrived on Monday 5th March and fixed the boiler quickly and efficiently. I asked the price of the parts required and was told approx. £200. I feel very let down by 24/7. Why was I told the boiler would be too expensive for them to repair,and charged an additional £245 as well as my excess fee?

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