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sarah's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

sarah healey


[RESPONDED] Money taken without consent

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I have just called to speak to you as i haven't heard back from my email i sent after two payment were taken by direct debit without authorisation and i haven't had an account since 2016. I spoke to ..... who advised me the policy was set up last November? This was not me, you have taken two amount of £10.50 out by direct debit, how can this happen if i haven't agreed this? This is fraud. team member advised me the manager will cancel the policy and refund the 2 times payments of £10.50 which was taken off me on the 16th of April from my bank. Which will take 5-7 days. I await a response and an explanation. Regards, Sarah healey.

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sarah healey | | VERIFIED

still awaiting a responce

247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Sarah, we are sorry to hear how you feel about 24/7. We can see that you have been liaising with our Complaints Department, however, we have requested that you show us proof due to no transactions showing on your account. Unfortunately, proof still hasn't been provided. Please contact [email protected] with the proof and I will personally investigate this. Kindest regards, James 24/7

sarah healey | | VERIFIED

i have sent proof as you have requested i sent it straight away but still no response. i have emailed proof, posted proof. still no response.

sarah healey | | VERIFIED

i have forwarded the email now to the other link you have just put in your message. thanks sarah

sarah healey | | VERIFIED

this email - [email protected] does not work and my email bounced back. thanks

S November | | VERIFIED

Instant Refund, easy and stress-free. you can recover all your payments using the Direct debt scheme go to your bank with the list of payments and ask them to return all money. They will then instantly return all your payments the reason, miss-selling, breach of contract, crooks

sarah healey | | VERIFIED

Thank you so much i will do.

James Wilding | | VERIFIED

thought this was a one off and I alone was affected but still going on with others - disgraceful people, a complete con.They should be criminally prosecuted recovered money via DD t&c

sarah healey | | VERIFIED

I did too! it is so wrong and never ever get a reply from them or a sorry. they just deny it or say yes will have it refunded. And nothing happens.
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