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Zoe's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Zoe Scanlon


Negligent engineers and appalling service

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Do yourself a favour and pay a bit extra with another provider and avoid these cowboys at all costs. 24/7 insisted I have my boiler service early in my contract then charged me £60 for having it completed early. It then took over 6 weeks to even get a date agreed for my boiler service, this is after having to make many many phone calls to get it sorted. Date gets arranged then gets cancelled on the day by 24/7, different reasons provided depending on who I spoke to. Further hassle on my part to get another appointment. Engineer attends to do the service then after leaving the property I realise there is now a GAS LEAK from the boiler! Engineer comes back out and says it was caused by him not tightening the pressure test valve enough but not to worry it was “only a little leak, and it was only leaking when the boiler was running” (Apparently that makes it ok!) Complained to 24/7, no response for weeks so again I was having to chase them up numerous times. Eventually gets a response over 9 WEEKS from logging my complaint and they said they don’t agree that the engineer left me in any danger (with a gas leak!) because when he came back out he didn’t need to change any parts. Utterly ridiculous. Was offered a “gesture of goodwill” of 2 months free- worth less than £10. Told them I wasn’t interested and considered the contract breached due to their engineers negligence and the length of time taken to respond to the complaint (over the length of time they stated in the contract). They told me I would need to pay a £144 cancellation fee- just to be clear this is more than the TOTAL annual contract cost in full! Obviously after another set of lengthy phone calls I have come out of contract without paying for it. This is a terrible company with appalling service. There is no accountability and the poor people who work in complaints are left to pick up the stick- not once did a manager or someone senior contact me regarding my complaint or even acknowledge it and every response I had from 24/7 was as a result of me chasing. Without a doubt the most frustrating and stressful service agreement I have had in my life and I was only with them 3 1/2 months! Avoid, Avoid, Avoid! You have been warned, take out a contract with them at your peril!

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