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Andrew's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Andrew Porritt


No Confidence in this company.

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I signed up for 247 Home Rescue to cover our boiler in Sept/Aug 2018. We had to make a claim 23/10/2018 when we found our boiler was leaking, losing pressure, and breaking down. We paid the £95 excess fee and the engineer attended 25/10/2018. During the visit, we advised the engineer of the leak, water pressure, and breakdown issues. We also pointed out the leaking filling loop. The engineer stated that the loop leak was nothing to worry about and stated that the water pressure drop would not be linked to the boiler breaking down. I raised that point multiple times with the engineer, but they were adamant that the drop in pressure was not to blame. The engineer inspected the boiler, stated that no issued was found, checked the bathroom for a length of time, re-pressurized the boiler and left. The issue re-occurred 3/12/2018 so I again contacted 247 Home Rescue to book an engineer to address the issue that was not corrected 25/10/2018. They stated that a £95 excess fee would be required again. This is something that I was understandably reticent to pay as the visit would be to correct an issue outstanding from the last claim. I advised the agent that I would be making alternative arrangements. I raised a complaint the same day, and received a "cut and paste" response that addressed none of the points that I'd raised. I responded to their e-mail advising of this and haven't heard back. In the mean-time we contacted a local engineer who thankfully was able to attend the same day (4/12/2018). They confirmed our suspicions that the filling loop could likely be the source of the breakdowns and replaced it. They also replaced an internal valves (flow and return) in the boiler, and as an extra precaution added some sealant around the loop. The total cost of this was £64. It would have been circa £40 without the additional seal treatment. Of the work undertaken yesterday, literally none of this was uncovered or addressed by the engineer who attended on behalf of 247 Home rescue. Nor have 247 home rescue answered my queries as to why this is the case. Had our experience with 247 Home Rescue been isolated to the poor engineer visit, I would have reservations in raising a complaint. However the companies policy of demanding excess fees regardless whether work has actually been successfully completed, coupled with their non existent complaints/customer service leaves me with no choice.

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