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Gabriella's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Gabriella Cappelluto


Not heating/Hot Water- Coldest week of winter

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

The only way to start this is by saying we were left without heating or water on the coldest week of winter from late Monday night until Thursday. Called the EMERGENCY number as the boiler had a fault which meant we had no heating or hot water, they said they could come out the next day between 8am and 6pm. Wednesday morning at 7:45 my phone rang and it was the ‘24/7’ rescue saying the engineer couldn’t come out due to a family emergency (totally understandable) yet they had no one else that could come. Great news.. so the next day an engineer turned up at 9am and ‘fixed the boiler’ until around 9:30/10pm that evening when I went to get in the shower to discover the water was freezing. Managed to re-set the boiler for the time being, however woke up at 6am freezing cold as it had gone off, again. Re-set and re-pressured the boiler three times and finally got some heat. Obviously called the ‘emergency’ number as the boiler still wasn’t fixed to be told someone would come out that same day. Three hours later received a phone call to say no one can come out until Monday 12th February.. it’s Friday 9th. The service has been awful, considering their name is ‘24/7 home rescue’ they don’t really live up to it. Completely unacceptable when it was -3 outside when I first called them.

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