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Olaniyi's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Olaniyi Akinleye



Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I am shocked that this cowboy of a company is still allowed to operate in a civilised country like this. I took up an home emergency plan with these guys hoping to get a good service in return when there is an emergency. I initially had a leak of water coming out from one of the pipes going into the heat exchanger in my boiler when it is off and I rang these guys to have a look as I though it is not safe and hoping that they would just change the pipe and we will be fine. Noting that we had heating as normal, only that when the boiler is off and it leaks, the pressure of the boiler would have dropped hence taking longer for the heating to come on. When the heating is on though, the leak stops. They sent out an engineer to have a look, this engineer looked through the boiler and disturbed the pipe which made the leak worsen into a drip. He mentioned that all needed was a washer and he would order the washer and the boiler would be fine. After about 10days, another engineer came in hoping to place the washer and fix the boiler but by the time he saw the issue, he said it was not a washer issue that it is indeed a crack in the pipe. He tried to cover up for the first engineer by saying if he was the one that initially check, he would have thought it was a washer too. He then proceeded in getting to the pipe to spray a solution on it which hopefully would amend the crack, but getting to the pipe he forcefully removed the heat exchanger breaking the seals hoping that when he fix the drip, the heat exchanger would be fine as there won’t be drips penetrating what is supposed to be sealed. Unfortunately the solution did not work on the pipe and there drip did not stop so the boiler is now deemed unsafe to sue. he then disconnected the boiler leaving us with no heating atall from just a leak in the pipe. He went away telling us he would order for the parts to solve the problem and the manager would get back to us as soon as he sends the report, and also as we have 2kids, he placed us on top priority to get electric heating to us within 1hr. Electric heating did not come until after 8hrs when we called and called and called. we did not hear from the manager until 2days after telling us that our boiler is now BER and we need to go on a plan with them paying 40£ every month for 7yrs with £800 up front. from my calculation, this is over £4000 just like that. I was like no way! what are the parts to be bought I ask them and they told me the heat exchanger and the pipe. How was I supposed to pay for an heat exchanger you broke? They lied saying the heat exchanger was leaking too, whole lots of dribbling around to justify their claim, no feelings whatsoever, they were just after placing me on a plan. They never called back after several of their staffs have cut me off the phone when voicing my plight. For weeks we were running on electric heating raking up our bills with these guys not caring atall. Anyway, to cut the long story short, we had to leave them and source for a new boiler elsewhere. They have caused my family emotional and psychological trauma, what we have gone through in the hands of these crooked company is something I would not want any working family to go through hence me taking time to write this. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM 24/7 HOME RESCUE. They are running a sham scheme to rip people off.

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Dear Olaniyi Akinleye, We apologise that your experience with 24|7 Home Rescue was not to your satisfaction. In instances such as this we must advise that on purchase of your service agreement you were provided with a schedule of the terms and conditions. Which expressly show what is covered under your service agreement. Please contact us at [email protected] . Regards M.James
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