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Caihong's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Caihong li


Poor service left me with no heating, no hot water for 11 days, and then cancel my membership

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I have never experienced such poor service from any company. On the 27th Nov, an engineer came to do annual check. He found that there is one of the flue blanking missing. I have been using th boiler for 4 years and it has been checked by British Gas and Homeserve for the past few years, never had any problems. He said he needed to switch off the boiler, but the problem could be fixed the next day. Then I received an email from the company the next day (28th Nov) saying the part will not arrive by the 3rd Dec. I was told the part would cost £125 plus VAT. Nobody contacted me until the 4th Dec telling me it would be another 2 or 3 days. By now, I have been living in the house with no heating, no hot for nearly 10 days. I then found out that I could easily order the part online at the price of £2.26 for next day delivery. I send more than 20 emails asking if I could order it myself and they come to fix the boiler. Not until 4.20pm on the 6th Dec I was asked to order the part myself and they will send engineer out on the 7th. I placed the order immediately. The engineer arrived at 4pm on the 7th, but the part has not been delivered. Having not had heating and hot water for 10 days, you can imagine how desperate I was. I insisted the engineer stay until the part arrived. The engineer contacted the office telling them that I locked him in. The office then called me and telling me to let the engineer go and threatened to call the police. All I wanted at the time was to have the boiler back on that evening (the 7th Dec was a very cold day) and I have a pregnant woman in the house. When I found out the part was likely to arrive at 6pm, the engineer and I made an agreement that he would come first thing in the morning to fix it. After the engineer left, I was shocked to receive a call from 247 rescue that they cancelled my membership and would not attend any service. I cannot believe what's happening here. I have been paying them every month and all they did was to switch off my perfectly working boiler and leave me, my daughter and a pregnant woman with no heating, no hot water for 10 days. When the part arrives, they are gone. I have just arranged for someone else to come tomorrow to fix it at the cost of another £88.00. If I was in poor health or old age, I could have been frozen to death.

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