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Stephen's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Stephen Rewse


Read the T&Cs if you have an old boiler

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Took out a policy with 247 HomeRescue to cover my 15 year old boiler, unfortunately I did not read the T&Cs referring to Beyond Economical Repair (BER) carefully enough. The company will only pay for repairs if the cost of the repair is less than 60% of the current value after allowing 10% per year depreciation. Had to call an engineer out as the boiler had stopped working and he diagnosed a faulty fan. When this was reported to 247 they said the cost of repair came under BER so cancelled my policy. As per T&C's the £75 excess isn't refunded or the best part of a year's premiums. If you have an old heating system do your sums to see if you will be covered. I have complained that the policy was unsuitable for an older boiler and it should be clearer in their T&Cs that this product is unsuitable for such a system but their complaints department just point out that I had signed up for the contract and agreed to the T&Cs, which I technically had. I tried posting a review on Trustpilot (which I had consulted when I first took out the policy) but 247 have blocked the review trying to say it referred to a policy or incident that took place more than 12 months ago and is therefore not a valid review. That matter is with the the compliance department of Trusted Traders who I hope will take a the appropriate action if 247 are trying to censor reviews. On a ironic postive note when I reported the fault they were quite quick at arranging for an engineer and had a couple of calls from them enquiring if the engineer had been in contact and was I happy with the service he provided, this was before he sent in his report triggering the BER clause.

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