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Y's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Y Getcheffsky


Refused to repair boiler

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I placed a claim for repair to my boiler under my service plan. 24/7 Home Rescue immediately declined the claim, saying that as it seemed to be a central heating issue, I wasn’t covered by my plan. As I knew it wasn’t a central heating problem, I phoned back to challenge the decision, and eventually they agreed to send out an engineer if I paid a £75 deposit, which would be refunded, if the fault turned out to be a boiler issue, and not a central heating issue. I paid the deposit, and the engineer arrived. He determined that the fault was due to a broken thermistor in the boiler. He ordered the part there and then and told me he would be back to fit it within a few days. He left me with a copy of his repair report, which states what the fault is. I then received a phone call from 24/7 Home Rescue saying that as the boiler needed a new PCB, it wouldn’t be economical to fix and that they would be cancelling my contract. They told me that if a repair would cost more than 60% of the value of the boiler, repair would be deemed uneconomical. I don’t know who suddenly decided that my boiler needs a new PCB! The engineer found that the fault was due to a broken thermistor, NOT a broken PCB! Besides, the PCB was replaced last year, so I sincerely doubt that it is broken again! 24/7 Home Rescue are making excuses to not pay out on my claim, despite my plan being paid via Direct Debit and therefore fully paid up. I have repeatedly asked for the £75 deposit to be returned to me, as the fault was found to be with the boiler. However, so far they have refused to do so.

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