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Mark's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Mark Marshall


Rogue Trader

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

This company in the near future will probably be on rogue traders. They are rip off merchants. You are given the hard-sell to go with them which I did thinking I had taken out a good policy only to find when you do have to make a claim the service and lies you receive are breath-taking. Firstly they will ask for a guaranteed payment of £75 which they say guarantees you get the job done !!!LIE!!! Sent out the engineer who said I needed 2 new valves (1 for hot water, 1 for central heating) and the system needed to be drained down. !!!LIE!!! He couldn't do it then as hadn't got the parts or the time so someone else would have to come out which never happened as surprise surprise this wasn't covered under the policy and they wanted another £210 on top of the £75 to fix it. Told them no way and contacted AA who came out the next day, only 1 valve was required, the system didn't need draining down, and the job was done in 35 mins and not the 4 hours 247 Home Rescue had quoted. Looking at the other reviews there is a pattern to how this company works. Go with them and waste your money at your own peril.

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