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Heather's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Heather cunningham


Service,bacon tract

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

O first complaint some months ago. I phoned to say I had a leak under the sink. They asked if the kitchen was flooded. I said I was stopping it with several towels. Because of this I was told I was not covered. My second complaint yesterday. I phoned to say that my radiator in my living room was not heating up. First they said if it was a pressure problem I was not covered. They then said that because my bedroom radiator was working I was not covered. I chose the dearest all inclusive cover with no excess thinking I would be covered for everything as I am 82 years old. They were very unhelpful and said I should have read all the small print properly. The contract says radiators are covered but does not state that if one radiator in the house is working you are not covered for the rest. I have tried to cancel this contract as it is useless but they will not do so.

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