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Simon's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

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Service not received. Refund not received. Staff refuse to call back. Appalling.

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Have had possibly the worst service I have ever had from a company. 1. MASSIVE hassle getting you guys to actually book and attend an appointment: First appointment cancelled the day before - apparently an "emergency callout" and we would be contacted to rearrange. No one contacted us. I contacted 3 times after failed call backs and was given the number of the engineer to call myself. After several times of the number not being answered or returned, finally they answered and said they no longer service our area (therefore the 'emergency callout' to me sounds like a lie). I then had to make 2 further calls before finally we got a call back from the company who did finally attend 2. my wife (who was in during the call) reported the engineer to be grumpy, unhelpful and unfriendly throughout the visit. It was the end of the day and it seemed like he was certainly not up for going the extra mm let alone mile for his customer. He also complained that the water tank was in the loft (there is easy access with a pull down ladder). In her words "not someone I would invite back into our house". 3. He refused to carry out the boiler service, Your engineer believes there are issues with the installation of the boiler. This has not been raised by the 2 other engineers who have serviced the boiler since its installation 3 years ago. 4. I have now paid for the annual boiler service, have had nothing but hassle to date and no actual service, and now am having nothing but hassle with your complaints team. After initially only offering me a partial refund (due by today according to their 10 working days in the email), they now refuse to return my emails or calls. I have called to put in a complaint about the complaints department and the person on the phone refuses to put me through to a manager. Promises to call me back go unanswered. This is an utter shambles from start to finish. As you can expect at this stage I want a refund (as you've provided no service), and really if you had any decency about you, you'd offer something to apologise for the massive inconvenience you've caused from start to finish. Actually take your responisbilities seriously, stop hiding away and refusing to make contact, be a man about it and contact me today and resolve this. This will be going to the small claims court within 7 days if you do not contact me and resolve it.

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