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Syed's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Syed A.


Stay away from 247 Homerescue - rude, unethical and rogue

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I have paid Homerescue247 full amount for whole year, after a month they changed my contract without liaising with me. According to which I paid them more than the actual service plan entails. I asked them to refund the balance, which is still not received (nearly 4 weeks have been passed) On other hand, even worst. They sent their engineer very proactively for my boiler service, as soon as the engineer left, same night my heating system malfunctioned. I phoned them to informed, instead, they said it cannot be their fault, to help they need to check for which they asked me to pay £75 security deposit telling me it is just the security deposit we will pay you back if we ascertained that the issue is not related to the boiler. I was concerned and trusted them, so end up paying extra £75 (on top of full-year payment). Engineer confirmed that the problem nothing to do with boiler instead it is to do with the heating system valves. I then phoned them back, to ask for £75 refund, first of all I could not get hold of them easily. No one picks up call, and finally after long waiting time, if someone picks and get the whole story, they end up refusing to help and ask to redial to other function, that happened several times (no one takes ownership). I end up speaking with 3 functions after long waiting time and several dials. Each functional advisor refused to help very rudely (except one exception). Finally, I was told, I cannot get my £75 because they sent an engineer to check. And the heating system issue is nothing to do with their engineer fault neither is covered in their plan so asked me to pay ADDITIONAL £250 TO FIX (despite I have a full comprehensive cover with them, which says I am fully covered for a central heating system including parts and labours). I then wrote a letter to their complaints department explaining all the background situation and complications and asked questions very clearly and logically, in return, I got 2 line response telling me that i cannot get my security deposit back and the problem is not covered in their plan (without addressing any logical point I made in my letter). It is such a stress, I never dealt such a rogue company before. I do not know what to do with them. Now for new claims, they ask for another £75 on top and do nothing. This kind of behaviour cannot be simply defined as unprofessional, it is WORST. Let alone the £75 security deposit, I cannot even get my own money back which I overpaid in advance for a whole year (without knowing they will change my premium and charge access from £0 to £75. I am not too concerned for access, is the difference of premium they owe me ). I was told 4 weeks ago that refund of my premium difference has been processed in a system that I will get maximum in 14 days. After 20 days passed, I did not get any refund, and when I phoned back, they were rude and simply said they do not know why it was not processed (despite their manager Simon Jones confirmed me by email). I have sent couple of emails to Simon, but no response. This time I am informed that they have refunded the premium difference (with urgent notification), so nearly a week has gone, and I am waiting to see if that will happen. Nevertheless, if I get my annual premium difference refund or not, I am perplexed and do not know how to deal with them in future. In theory, I am covered for electricity, plumbing, boiler breakdown, central heating, home security etc., I do not know if some problem occurs and I call them, they will ask me to pay £75 again for engineer to ascertain the problem, and end up telling me that they cannot solve it unless I pay 100s of pounds (means I lose £75 as well as pay more and more to them).

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