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Adi's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Adi Reddy


Terrible experience - be aware

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I paid monthly direct debit to 247 for about 10 months and had to cancel without any service or claim. To start with, I tried to book a service inspection after starting the policy and I was told I need to pay for at least 6 months before I can book any service. Be aware of this as its really important if you want an immediate service. I tried to book the service online after waiting for 6 months. The online service is so bad which says your service is provisionally booked and you will receive a confirmation later. But that never happened to me after numerous attempts of picking different dates. So after concluding that online service doesn't work, I called customer service and after a long wait I asked to book boiler service and they said it's done and I will get a call from an engineer in a whopping months time to book a date. Well, a month passed without any call and now I tried another way of communication (online chat) so that I can at least have some proof. Chat transcript: You: I tried online booking a few times, sent an email, called to book but never got any confirmation about the service 247Advisor: Just got confirmation from our services team that our booking team will contact you shortly to book a service You: ok great You: sometime today? 247Advisor: Yes that's correct Well, guess what, no call received. With all the frustration I cancelled my direct debit and sent an email to complaints team. Now finally I received a call from customer service supervisor saying sorry about all the issues and he said he is going to book annual boiler service for me as I have already paid up. He asked me which day is good and then confirmed a service date to me. He also asked me to continue the policy after the service and I said I will think about it. I also received a call from a third party company offering boiler inhibitor at a discounted price which can be done along with the service. I thought finally my service will go ahead and took a day off and well no one turned up on the agreed date. Sent an email to complaints again and the response was "I have reviewed this and can see the policy was cancelled on your end, therefore, the service could not go ahead". No communication about that and no courtesy of informing me that the service will not go ahead. They are rude and won't even issue me a refund. This is the worst experience for me and now I signed up with another provider. Note that unlike 247, my new provider forced me to book initial service as soon as I started the policy. You pay a bit more but you get a far better service I hope.

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