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Joel's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Joel Ekolongeni


Terrible service! Insensitive claims department!

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Terrible service - we have a service contract with them. PAID the excess, Called them out as we've had no hot water for a number of days now. Engineer came out next day "as an emergency", and did NOTHING, except use our toilet and mess with the pipes under the bath. Now we have a LEAK under the bath, which is damaging the ceiling and going down the walls, which we can't stop. The engineer messed with the pipes! We were meant to get a callback regarding the unfinished work, but if course WE GOT NO CALL. So I called the claims department at 8.30pm this evening, and had to hold for 30MIN. The operator barely listened, was rude and after a little while said "look, I have to go as I have many other callers"???!!!!! Can you imagine!! Our heating is not working properly (part of the reason we called them out), no hot water here with my two toddlers and my 60 year old mum, and that's what he has to say!! Not only was their service poor, but they are rude and their engineers actually DAMAGED our home, on top of not fixing any of the problems we made the call our for. Currently unable to give my toddlers a bath or heat their room properly. Very unhappy, cold family because of 247 Home Rescue!

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