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rasha's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

rasha hassan


they take money even after you've paid them

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

They take money out of your account when they shouldnt, I joined in January 2018 and paid them for one year, in January 2019 they took money out of my account without prior warning or renewal request they took £231! I called to cancel they offered me a discount rate of 168.68, which I accepted and they refunded me the difference of £111 in feb. this morning July 8th 2019 they took another £168.68 which I noticed (I dont normally check but luckily it was the last payment so i spotted it, I called them and they claimed "system error". I'm just wondering how many people could they have done this to and people have not noticed! I cancelled my direct debit and told them to not renew me again as i dont trust them tbh, also the boiler service tbh was really bad, the guy didnt actually service the boiler he inspected it which isnt the same.

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