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Lorna's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Lorna Bushell


Wanted a service got a flood! and left with no gas or water

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

A day in the life of a 24 7 home rescue customer who just wanted an annual service and ended up with a flood ... I should have known better as soon as he asked me how old the boiler was as he had never seen one these before!!!! Thanks 24 7 for sending an inexperienced service technician (I couldn't / wouldn't call him an engineer so as not to be derogatory to engineers) who managed to cut the water pipe instead of the gas pipe to my boiler as he insisted he had to cap it off until a new part arrived tomorrow. So having turned off the mains water supply to stop the utility from flooding even more, I chucked him out of the house (although he refused to go until I told him I'd set my dog on him).. can't believe he refused to leave MY HOUSE.. I then await a phone from his boss.... no phone call but I do get an enginer from national grid who has come because I had reported a smell of gas!!!! ERM No... we then ascertained the engineer called them after I chucked him out because I wouldn't let him finish capping my boiler off !! Having tried to speak to someone for about 2 hours to get this resolved and discovering actually no one is able to help other than leave a note on my file which had a I not have kept ringing to chase would have not been prioritised as it had no mentioned of the lack of water and gas .. I did eventually speak to someone who actually took proper notes and advised they would monitor my account to check I got a call back... 2 hours later I get a call from a "Manager" trying to explain to me the engineer had to shut my boiler down etc etc...I stopped him and said the it had gone beyond the capping of my boiler, what about the damage to my home the fact he refused to leave my home until I threatened to set my dog on him. At that point the manager went to say he had spoken to the engineer who explained he was very sorry but and that "normally" the gas pipe runs up the middle of the pipes leading to the boiler !! so I politely told said manager that even I could have told him which was the gas pipe and it runs in from the side not the bottom and that they are a totally different size... he quickly changes tactic and tries to appease me by saying lets just get it sorted out, he will get a different engineer - who will fix my water pipe and my boiler etc etc. I asked when he said he would check and let me know ... silly me I assumed it would be a priority call.... 1.5 hrs later I call back and eventually got through to be told the appointment is booked for tomorrow between 8 and 5.30!!!... So thank you 24 7 Home Rescue for not only providing an inexperienced service technician but also for being completely the opposite of what your name suggests.. rather than rescue my home you damaged it and left me with no gas or water .... disgusting service . So I have received a phone call today saying because I left a bad review yesterday they will no longer repair my boiler!! they will do the water pipe but will not repair the boiler. I am speechless

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