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Michael's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Michael Emms


[RESPONDED] We will service your boiler what a laugh

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

This is probably the worst service company around. They took my money. I organised a service for my Bolier. The day before the service recived a Text stating the Boiler service will be carried oit tomorrow between 8am and 1pm. By 3pm no one had turned up, then I recived the obligiatory Due to unforseen circumstances the boiler service will not be carried out, and I was to contact them to organise another Date. This I duely did, and it was made for 1 month later. Approximatley 2 weeks before they were to come again, I recived a Text that I had not organised a Service for my Boiler. I contatec them again, and was told the same message Due to unforseen circumstances the boiler service will not be carried out. At this point I said do you have crystal balls as you are telling me in two weeks you cannot service my boiler. At this point I raised the complaint higher. I recived an email back saying that they cannot do anything about Unforseen circumstances. I contacted them again asking for my noney bak as they had not given me any service. They said that I was to give them another chance and they guaranteed that some one would service the boiler on a specific date. I recived the obligitory text confirming that an engineer will be at my premisis in the morning between 8am and 1PM. 15 mins later I recived another text that my boiler service needs to be organised. I contacted them again, and said cancel my account and refund all my monies. I was informed that I would recive an emial with 5 mins indicating that the account would be closed what the process was to get my refund. 1hour later still no email. But when I go to log on there site. My account has been deactivated. Now I cannot contatc them at all as they have no record. This company needs to go to watch dog

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Michael, your review regarding your experiences with 24/7 Home Rescue is key to improving our services. We're sorry to hear how you feel regarding the services provided by 24/7 Home Rescue. However, we're glad that you had your service and that everything went splendidly. Kindest regards, James 24/7 Home Rescue

S November | | VERIFIED

Instant Refund, easy and stress-free. you can recover all your payments using the Direct debt scheme go to your bank with the list of payments and ask them to return all money. They will then instantly return all your payments the reason, miss-selling, breach of contract, crooks
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