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Robin's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Robin Taylor


Worst company I've dealt with

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I have had two contracts with 24/7 since 2015. In the course of time they have increased their charges twice. On a weekend in June I attempted to contact them re a breakdown of a my tumble dryer. Throughout the weekend I was unable to contact them by phone or by email -(my account "not being recognised") When I managed to speak to them after the weekend I expressed my concern that, had it been a boiler breakdown, their service would have been outside their published terms of contract. They did send an Engineer to repair the spin dryer but charged me £75 because the appliance was over 4 years old. I have no record of such surcharges on my original documentation ,I asked to speak to a Manager but that wasn't possible and was told they would phone me within 48 hours .This did not happen. I sent two emails to their customer services expressing my concerns receiving standard acknowledgments. As their website suggests I send a letter after 8 weeks to the Complaints Manager .This was 12th Sept. It has not even been acknowledged. At the end of September I cancelled my DD on that contract and the payment was not paid but it has now been taken twice since. A complaint to my Bank on both occasions has not yet received a response or a refund. As 24/7 are not a financial services company I have no redress in that direction. I am now in the process of cancelling my boiler contract and have advised them accordingly having got very competitive details from other companies. My advice steer clear of 24/7 !

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