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Paul's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Paul Hocking


[RESPONDED] Worst customer service ever

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

247 Homerescue is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I am 90 years old and was left without a working shower for over four weeks. It was a very long and involved experience and I will save you the detail, but suffice to say that I have paid out £315 in total (including a £75 call out fee) and only got my system fixed after four weeks of waiting. My son is typing this in, but the thoughts are mine. Both he and I have had truly dreadful dealings with 247 and I strongly advise potential customers to think seriously before they sign up. The proof of any insurance companies service is when you come to claim, and I can truly say this is the worst customer service I have received from any company, ever! Their phone message always states (no matter what time of day or what day you call) that they are receiving high call volumes – a sure sign of a lack of staff – but I would suggest they’re only getting high call volumes due to the number of complaints. You always have to hold on for ages to get through to anyone – and don’t believe their queue announcements. When I phoned the other day I was 11th in the queue with a 30 second wait time. This then changed to 9th in line with a 60 second wait time. And then by the time I was 4th in the queue it was a 2 minute wait time! By the time the call was actually answered I had waited 20 MINUTES! I think they just make up the queue waiting time! When you do get hold of someone (almost always disinterested and treating you like an interruption to their day) you get a very half-hearted apology and then your palmed off with some lame excuse or just transferred to someone else who generally can’t be bothered either. You can’t ever speak to the complaints department – probably because they are so busy, or perhaps just can’t be bothered. My son and I have been in contact both by phone and email on numerous occasions and have met with a complete couldn’t care less attitude from the staff we deal with. We were repeatedly lied to about emails that had been meant to be sent – they must be in your spam filter I was told – No they’re not, as my son regularly checks emails. Quite simply they can't have sent! Also after many stressful conversations I was offered £45 as compensation on 26th October 2018. Great, I thought and accepted the mean offer on the same day, as I was completely worn out dealing with the whole business. It probably comes as no surprise that I haven’t received anything to date, TWO WEEKS LATER. 247 will quote all types of terms and conditions in order to wheedle they’re way out of liability. Also they state to contact [email protected] I did and surprise, surprise they didn’t respond! Just don’t bother to contact them, as they treat you like a nuisance. To conclude, if you want to experience the worst possible customer service, your first port of call should be 247 Homerescue. Avoid like the plague!

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Mr Hocking, we're sorry to hear that you feel frustrated regarding the services provided by 24/7 Home Rescue. Our Complaints department is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday which is why we are yet to respond to your email. However, we would like to reassure you that your complaint is being thoroughly investigated and we will be in contact following the investigation. Kind regards, 24/7

S November | | VERIFIED

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