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[RESPONDED] Worst experience from a company... ever

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

The shoddiest service I've ever experienced in a company. Three engineer callouts over the period of a month (each time the engineer hasn't been able to fix, and we've needed to take another day off work to wait in). This time, I've had to do a Saturday so as not to lose any more work time. Was given an 8am-8pm slot and told to call on the day to get a better idea of arrival time. Called Saturday morning and waited 53minutes to get through, just to be told they don't know what engineer is coming out and that I just need to wait. I would get a call 30mins before he arrives. 6pm - still no call. A 38minute hold before getting back through to the same operator and I'm told the same thing. "Definitely coming today between 8am-8pm, he will call before coming." Well, guess what, NO engineer. I'm livid. Another wasted day and freezing my backside off in a house without heating. UPDATE: Further to our no-show on Saturday, we had the engineer out today (another day off work) to be told the faulty gas valve can't be replaced and that the whole boiler would be deemed 'Beyond Economical Repair'. In other words, not their problem. A month without heating, to be told that it's not going to be fixed. I have just had a third-party gas-safe engineer come over to look at the boiler. He said, quite categorically, that it's nothing to do with the valve, as gas is clearly getting into the combustion chamber. In fact, within 5 minutes, he used the Manufacturers' manual to isolate the problem to a faulty spark generator and ignitor. Two parts, less than £100, and a five minute fix. He said it was baffling why someone would think it's the valve!? I'm livid! I've called 247 back to explain, just to be rudely told that "we won't go against and engineers' report, if you disagree with our engineer's findings, you'll need to submit a complaint". Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and freeze my backside off?! I asked to speak to a manager, was told no - he's busy, so I asked to wait on-hold. Was told she had other customers to help and that "My manager won't do anything different, and will back me up. You'll just need to fill out the online complaint form". Not giving up that easily, I demanded a manager call me back, and was told that he would, within 2hours. I'm not holding my breath......... Using the power of social media to share my experience as far and as wide as I can.

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear A S, we're sorry to hear of your frustrations with the service provided by 24/7 Home Rescue. If we're correct, we believe that we have responded to a post of yours on another website and are currently awaiting an email from yourself which includes your Policy Reference as it was omitted from your initial email. Once we have received this email we will be able to investigate further. James 247


Already emailed yesterday. No reply yet. Manager never called me back as promised either. AS

S November | | VERIFIED

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Will defo try. In the process of ombudsman involvement. Cannot stress how crooked this company is.

S November | | VERIFIED

that's how I got all my money back, really easy.
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