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Joe's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Joe Brown


You Get Charged £144 To Leave.

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

247 Home Rescue is very good at getting in new customers, and in getting these new customers to give good feedback via Trustpilot (they offer incentives such as a free month of premiums for 5 star reviews). They then plaster these reviews all over their slick looking website, and you, like me, will then think that they are a company to be trusted. However, very few people who have ever actually had to make a claim on a policy with this company would give a good review. Once you have signed up with them, and you need to make a claim, this is what actually happens: 1). They will usually do whatever they can to reject the claim. They will often inflate the estimated cost of repairs, and then tell you that it is "uneconomical" for them to do the repair - even if its a small one. 2). When you then try to cancel your contract in disgust - once you have realised that you are effectively paying for nothing, they will tell you the small print. This is that you get charged £144 to cancel a contract that has had a claim on it (even if the claim is unsuccessful). At no time when you sign up to the contract are you told this - you are verbally told the opposite, but it is hidden in the depths of a lengthy online contract. Section 29 of the terms and conditions apparently gives them the right to charge you £144 on leaving, once you are out of the 14 day cooling off period. Please check out real customer feedback via websites such as Moneysaving expert, and you will see that there are endless horror stories related to this company. In my opinion, 247 Homerescue are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, and I urge anybody reading this to not be fooled as I was into taking a contract that will never actually pay out, and has an expensive sting in the tail when you try to cancel. If they spent a fraction of their efforts on helping customers, as opposed to an effective and slick PR campaign, they could become a decent company. Sadly, all they care about is getting new customers, profit, and glossing over their endless complaints. I suggest that you avoid 247 Homerescue like the plague itself.

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