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Sharon's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Sharon Brazil



Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

WARNING!!!!I took my policy out … WARNING!!!!I took my policy out November 2016 as I went on to a comparison website looking for boiler cover. I pay £16.99 a month. I thought this was a good buy but all though my contract told me it covered parts and labour this is apparently untrue. My boiler broke down last Saturday 15th April 2017. As I had this policy I thought no problem I just call them and they will fix it. How wrong could I have been? My partner called the company on Saturday afternoon to be told he had to pay a £75 fee as he was unsure of whether the boiler had been serviced in the last year or not. (All though nothing was ever mentioned about this when I contacted 247homerescue when I took out the policy) an engineer finally arrived around 4.30pm on Sunday 16th April who worked for a company named w×××××s,(I have changed this so as not to make this awful review be related to this engineer or his company) this engineer was wonderful he found the fault and contacted his office to find out if he was authorised to fit the part. Surprise he wasn't authorised to fit the part all though 247 homrescue claim in the service contract I don't need to worry about boiler breakdown or parts and labour. I really wish I could share pictures of this but shocker I can't share my service contract. Turns out I'm only covered for boiler breakdown and not parts and labour as my service contract states. It is now the 21st April and 247 home rescue have now decided as a good will gesture they will fix the part of my boiler that is leaking but will not return my £75 until I provide them with a service document within the last 12 months. (All though when I contacted the company in November I was told I didn't need to do anything else as I was covered). All I can say is this company have lied through there teeth all week just so they didn't have to pay out in anyway shape or form. I have spoken to managers who don't have a clue what they are talking about telling me the £75 Was an excess charge for call out when a member of customer services told me it was so I could prove I had a service document. It just goes to show you get what you pay for. Save your money this company will screw you out of your money any way they can. Still no further forward. Staff are rude and don't know what they are talking about and worse still tell down right lies. Would also like to point out the manager whom I spoke to claimed that my boiler was not broken as I had central heating and hot water all though there is a part that need replaced? Why offer to fix the part as a good will gesture if it's not broken? He also claimed to be a gas engineer 😂 I doubt this very much working in a call centre. I believe calls are recorded. I would very much like to hear a response to this review as all calls are recorded and they cam look back on every lie that has been told by there rip of company. Before 247 homrescue claim this is a refundable £75 the next manger whom I spoke to this evening at 17.51pm the 21st April confirmed that she couldn't be sure if you would definitely refund my money even with a service report. I'm sure one way or another you will find a way to get out of it. Maybe your manager who answers the phone who is also a gas engineer will fix my problem? I beg to differ and I'm sure if you listen to the recorded messages you will know that this is very much factual!! I've had a horrific experience. Would like to point out that my review was reported to trust pilot as not being factual which as I stated is untrue. I have wrote off my £75 as an experience that I will never let happen again and cancelled my direct debit as I will never give this pathetic excuse of a company one more penny! Spend a little more money and go with a reputable company who won't try to rip you off!!

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