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Michele's complaint against Monarch

Michele Russo


Sharm el Sheikh - Monarch Airlines

Complaint against Monarch

I am writing to say how extremely disappointed I am with the whole handling of flights to Sharm el Sheikh. I am pleased that certain airlines (Easyjet and BA) have extended their ‘no fly’ period to Sharm until January 2016 after safety consultation with the government. My concern is why are other airlines ie Monarch NOT following the period. We are constantly reading articles all over the media that the aforementioned airlines have extended the ‘no fly’ period due to safety concerns, and as a subsequent of this, my young family are too frightened to travel on a planned holiday to Sharm end of December. After a measured decision as a family, we have decided not to go. The problem is we were due to fly with Monarch, and because they are not ‘in sync’ with other airlines we are due to lose a very large sum of money. The suggestion of changing the holiday is not a viable option due to the short timescale and limited availability before Christmas, which has a massive impact on budget. As previously mentioned, how can the public read and hear airlines have extended ‘no fly’ to Sharm after consultation on safety, but customers of other companies (Monarch), are forced to disregard and fly, ignoring what is being said in the media... Unless they decide not to go and lose substantial amounts of money. Very poor handling of the whole situation.

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Harry Cole | | VERIFIED

The fact that Monarch do not answer any comments on 'A Spokesman Said' says more about Monarch that the ability of this forum to obtain a reply. Monarch are arrogant in the extreme - just witness the level of complaints on the Monarch Complaints Facebook Page.
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