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LYNNE's complaint against Tesco Mobile



company broke contract was without service from apprix six montgs yet they dont tell me until i phon

Complaint against Tesco Mobile

I have been or was with them for years so when my phone need update I stay with them Received this phone that they said would be good for me as I didn't know what I like but inform them of what I need Got the phone In August 2014 By Feb 2015 Notice my handset was getting hot while playing on Tom and Angel it was a cat app So I phone them Only to get a very nasty person unhelpful person So I ask to be transfer to a manager I was transfer to a women call Georga Who informed me I had no service at all she could not understand it then I told her about the hand set getting hot she got it sent away It came back and it still was getting hot and texts message email. Would come throw all together as if they were stored then sent all together I was not happy So I phone them up time and time again informing from the start that they were breaking there part of contract as state by myself to Georga as agree by herself and she ask if she could try and put it right I agree as I had no problem while I had my old black. Berry with them So I kept informing them of this Then in May I had two mini stroke one of them was at night I try to get help my phone didn't work The next day before I was going into hospital cast as it sounds I phone tthem again to let them know that the phone don't work this was This was the forth person whom agree and said they would send a huffy bag out as they don't expect good unless they are in these bags and references number And I am still waiting after they agree that they broke contact and they would send out packages for returning Five members of stafftwo on line So back in June I put a formal written complaint to head office Nothing egnorethen they sent past due after me for a bill for180 I told him that it has not been resolved byTesco the complaint against them I have had no respond they broke and admitted to it So I owe nothing I still have the phone and everything They wanted just waiting for what they call huffy bag as it would just sit on a shelf icillecting dust Please help me Lynne A lot more has gone on but due to my stroke one of them while on the phone to them Itsy muddle up How ever they told me they broke there agree ment or contract what ever they called it they promised to sent reagent things out they didn't they took 17.50 every month until June when it was suppose to have been resolved and while stating these thing to me reassuring me They then sent a dept agency after me called passed due this is disgusting treatment

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