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Rhoda's complaint against Virgin Trains

Rhoda Weir


Left Coat on train Un helpful guard at Newark Northgate

Complaint against Virgin Trains

On the 19th December I travelled from Edinburgh Waverly station to Nottingham and had to change at Newark North gate. The train was extremely hot so eventually I had to take of my coat. the train was running late when it got to my stop I went to retrieve my luggage had difficulty getting it and had to put my coat on the shelf above where my luggage was. I eventually got my luggage. I hadn't travelled by train for 21 years so was unsure how long I would have to collect my luggage before the train left. got off the train only to discover that I had left my coat on the train with my phone, ticket for next train, house key, bus pass, perfume, keys for suite case etc. when I spoke to the Guard he was not very helpful. He said that he couldn't hold the train up for a coat and that the coat would go to lost property at London Kings cross that I would have to phone lost property. I told him that my ticket was in my coat pocket and he said I would have to buy another one so I said what if I haven't got enough money for another ticket and he said tough. this I didn't find very helpful. Why couldn't he have phoned the next station which was Leicester station and asked the guard to take the coat off a kind gentleman his wife and grandson took me to the next station the young lad let me use his phone. I tried phoning lost property London kings cross but know one answered. On the Monday 21st December my sister phoned lost property London kings cross one hundred times to no avail (no one answered) she also phoned ten other numbers also to no avail. We both went to Nottingham Station to see if they could help but they said they couldn't since they were a different company. since then I have had to spend a lot of money trying to get my coat back and will have to buy a new coat, plus phone new key for house, order a new bus pass and spent a lot of money on bus fares. I would like to receive compensation for all the loss, stress and inconvenients this has caused me and my sister and for all the phone calls she had to make on my behalf.

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