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Stacey's complaint against Companion Care

Stacey Prior


Charge for euthanasia

Complaint against Companion Care

I went to pets at home to enquire about how I can euthanise my pet fish who was severely ill and was told by pets at home that I could bring my fish in and they would put her to sleep free of charge. I was told I could bring her in before 6pm. I immediately went home and got my fish and brought her in to the store. I could not find the man I'd spoke to so looked around the store to find him and came across companion card vets at the back of the store. I spoke to the lady at reception and explained I was told to come in by a member of pets at home and that they offered to euthanise my fish for for free. She told me to explain this to the vet which I did and the vet told me she was unaware that pets at home did that. I explained that is what I was told so she said to wait a couple of minutes while she went and checked with pets at home. When the vet came back she told me that pets at home are not qualified to euthanise and that she would need to put the fish down by injection and not by anaesthetic in the water. I specifically said to pets at home I didn't want her having an injection and they told me I didn't have to have it done that way. Anyway as I thought I had no choice in the matter and by this time my sick fish was distressed as for the whole 30 minutes or more she was in a small bag and my fish is quite large and I myself was distressed as it's upsetting as it is that I've had her for over 10 years and brought her there and having to wait all this time knowing she's distressed too so I agreed to let the vet put her down as I thought that was the only way. I wasnt happy about this as originally I was told it would be done for free and now I'm being charged £22. I told the vet I would be making a complaint and she said she would get the manager if pets at home to call me. When I got home the manager did call and I explained the situation and he told me that yes they did offer to do it for free but the vets charge, I explained that the vet told me she would check with pets at home if they could do it but when she came back she told me they are not qualified to do so. The manager said yes infact they can do it and they do it to their own sick fish in the store and as a nice gesture they was going to do it for me for free. I told the manager I've paid £22 and he agreed the vet should have checked first before offering her service but apparently she didn't check with anyone but she told me she had and even left the room to find out. The manager also told me that he feels anaesthetic in the water is kinder to put to sleep rather then injection and said he went in to the vets with the anaesthetic and provided it to the vet and that is what was used to put my fish to sleep. Not the vets product. This is entirely the fault of compainion care vets and I feel they owe me my £22 back and so does the manager of pets at home but because they are seperate companies he cannot do anything about it and said I should complain to companion care

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