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Jemma's complaint against Companion Care

Jemma Quinn


Compaint about companion care vets

Complaint against Companion Care

My dog hope has recently been back and forth to the vets. First thing was for her vomiting alot I took her to vets and she was checked over she was prescribedwith anti sickness injection and antibiotic injection. Day 2 hope was becoming worse Which ending up her having bloods taken. Xrays and she was badly dehydration. Now this could of been picked up the day before that she was dihydrated. They rang me straught from xray whilst my dog was out cold stating I need to pay £1500 over the phone as they need to open her up or they would just reawaken and I take her else where. I was distraught and out my mind as I had nothing! My sister lend me £700 which I had to grovel with them that' all I've got right now. They took the payment as was told I needed pay the rest asap. I brought her home to recover but noticed week later she's appearing with 2 big lumps! I was very concerned by this so back we go to the vets. . One vet said could be abbess and drained it. . But suggested it to be operated on. I went on and realised the lump was appearing again now I was seen by a different vet who said it's not fair putting her through another operation. So we left it for it to go down on its own and with antibiotics once again. Now I took her back today to have her vaccinations all redone. I was then informed my bill was bumped up from doing a urine sample which one vet told me they wouldnt charge me. . And yet I was! This shown crystals. And a high liver from her previous bloods. And High level to do with kidneys. I was told she will need special food and some better medication for her back spams. Which she's previously been about and a vet recommend an Epeltic drug see how she goes on it with her back spasms before gking down the route if a neroligist Now the vet today ( 4th jan) refused to give me the medication for hope because does agree with it! So now my dog is left with nothing for her spasm's Another urine sample has been advised which is more money out my pocket baring in my mind I'm only on income support! That vets don't seem to be bothered about the welfare of the animals but money! Nothing has been redone about her liver or her kidney's. Which has forced me to change my vets. I feel they owe me some compension for what I've had to go through. I've had to raise funds and keep raising and still getting no correct answers? I'm very upset how unfair myself and my dog has been treated and the amount of bloods that's costed me! All the medications. Injections and yet there is still no answers?? I am disgusted that at not one point of being with that vets you never seem to see the one vet each time it's a new vet! I am glad I will no longer attend this vets.

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