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Maxine's complaint against Companion Care

Maxine Thompson


Companion care complaint

Complaint against Companion Care

I’ve had many animals and never used companion care till 2 days ago. This was my first time using them and I will never go back. I had called them in a panic as my hamster was bleeding from her back end, they assured me this wasn’t an emergency, and to just watch her over the next few days. The woman didn’t even want to give me an appointment but I insisted I had one ASAP. The nearest time they could see me was 3 days away. I took it. I arrived at 9:15 and wasn’t called in till 9:45. I had a distressed hamster with me, and dogs barking around me which was stressing her out. Well I was told she may have pyometra and to give her two different types of medication, which I was fine with. Then was repeatedly told that if she isn’t better in 5 days that she should go in for an operation. That would be completely understandable if my hamster wasn’t 2 years old (this is elderly for hamsters) I said I wasn’t too sure because of her age, and that I didn’t feel comfortable putting her through that. The vet then told me and I quote “we could open her up to find she has loads of tumours and needs to be out to sleep anyway, but I still think it’s worth doing the operation”. The vet continued to pressure me into the operation. I wasn’t happy with this, all I want is what’s best for my pet. An operation wasn’t the way in my eyes. I’d rather her be as comfortable as possible as she is coming to the end of her life anyways. I decided to phone my usual vet, as soon as I explain my hamster was bleeding I was told to stop talking to bring her in straight away, as it’s a serious emergency. I take her to my usual vet. I explained what I was told at pets at home companion care. He had a check of my hamster and told me it could possibly be kidney problems and not pyometra (she has a large lump in the kidney area which pets at home didn’t pick up on). He said the meds are fine and she seems to be responding to them. So they didn’t do too bad. Then I mentioned the operation they was pressuring me to give her. His eyes nearly fell out of his head. He told me there’s no way he would put my hamster through that as she’s way too old. He would only operate on young hamsters. I was also told it’s not worth the risk as she wouldn’t survive the anaesthetic let alone the op and healing process afterwards. He told me the best thing is to keep using the meds as she’s responding to them and keep a close eye on her. He also offered me to call him at any time, even if it’s to run anything by him that I’m worried about (CC didn’t offer no support). He also told me she has roughly 20% chance of surviving although she wasn’t in any pain thank to the meds. Where as CC told me to just see how it goes and phone them 5 days later to book another appointment, I wasn’t actually told anything other than what she has and that I should go for an op. The way was I was made to feel at CC was that they had another motive, there was no care towards my hamster, all they wanted was my money. They took advantage of my distress. This hamster is a therapy hamster. She’s helped me through a lot of mental problems and forced me to be productive (care for her). All I wanted was honesty from a vet on what is best for my animal. The last thing I want is to make her suffer!

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