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Deniz's complaint against Companion Care

Deniz Akbulut


Do not trust them!!!

Complaint against Companion Care

This is a warning review to whom going to the companion care vet sevices in Pets at home Enfield Retail Park. I have a lovely 7 month old kitten. About 3 weeks ago she stoped drink water eating and moving around. She was sleeping all day and didn’t move at all. Her gums turned white I didn’t know what to do and try to cook her meat bought her cat milk but she didn’t respond anything. And I decided to go the Companion Care (thought they good at their job.) Because of Pets at Home. Any way I went there and they were surprised when they saw my cat because they had no idea what’s going on about cat , left my cat over there and went working. They called me and I was told she got anemia and she need blood transfusion immediately and which is 400£. I said I’m a student and I can’t afford it and then they told me there is another option there was a lady volunteered give some blood to my cat from her cat and this operation but there is some risks which can cost cat’s life. cost me 125£ I said alright if she going to be well I’m ready to pay this money and took the risks. And they gave me some medicines for cat I search them2 of them is for stomach pain and 1 of them is antibiotic (There is no diagnosis to give my cat antibiotics by the way and she hasn’t got any stomach pain) I paid the money and went home and was told I should bring her back after 3 days, she was eating drinking playing around looked like healed and alright. I went after 3 days and they did some more test (I didn’t know that I will pay for it) and they told me she need another blood transfusion if we don’t do it she is going to die and there is 2 options blood transfusion or put the cat down. I said thank you I will bring her home and will find another veterinary. We came home and I searched for solutions. Any way she is way too good now. If I listened that lady she would have been gone for now. But she is healthy because of me. Dont EVEN THINK OF GOING THERE don’t put your baby’s life to butchers.

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