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darren's complaint against Companion Care

darren cooper


my cat

Complaint against Companion Care

i have woke up today and my cat has licked base of her tale that much ,that the hair has losshas created a bold patch. then she has licked her skin and opened a wound the size of a 5 p piece. I rang companion vets who she has been registered scince a kitten, i explained what has happened ,i told them i do not get paid for 5 days but the cat is insured can she be seen. The receptionist went away and came back and said we cant see her without a 24 pounds payment. so i went away got the 24 pounds rang back said can her book her in ,she said yes no problem then proceede to tell me they will only see her and tell me what the problem is they wont issue any medication untill i can pay for it which would be 5 days. I think this is ridiculous i thought vets were there to help animals not exstort money out of there owners

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