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Lesley's complaint against Companion Care

Lesley Toye


Our 6 year old dog died in there care

Complaint against Companion Care

Our dog was taken in for tests, had gone of food and drink. Never been ill before. No results, no answers, handing over large amounts of money every day up front. Our dog was insured we had no concerns, we just wanted to know what was wrong. On the day of his death, when taking him in to vet, I advised him Iam now very worried, we are not going to lose him are we. age said of course not, we haven't found any thing wrong with him yet. That afternoon as we were getting ready to collect him we Received a phone call to say he was dead. We asked the chief vet how could this have happened, he said I don't know it's a MYSTERY. Yes a MYSTERY. He was found dead because a nurse noticed a smell, and investigated. We requested a post mortem, he refused, we demanded a post mortem, again refused. He would not store our dogs body in his freezer, he said there was no room, we needed that to be done so we could take him to the Royal college of veterinary surgeons in the morning, to have the post mortem done. So we were left to carry our our dead dog in a filthy towel Covered in his own poo. A MYSTERY do not think so We will not rest until we have JUSTICE for our beautiful King Charles spaniel, the light of our lives

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Lesley Toye | | VERIFIED

Endless phone calls, and requests to the vet To fill in the required form, in order for the pet insurance company to pay out for invoices already paid by us with no response. Even the receptionist who said she would speak to the vet and return my call the next day, as he was if that day, got no response,or call back. DISGRACEFUL.PETS AT HOME SAY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Head office will not hel

Lesley Toye | | VERIFIED

Head office of COMPANION Care Vets Brentford, will not Assist. Pets at home advise COMPANION CARE VETS are a FRANCHISE
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