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Katharine's complaint against Companion Care

Katharine Gregory


Terrible service

Complaint against Companion Care

I took my cat in for her annual booster, and had to wait 30 minutes, so my cat was very distressed. During her check up she was weighed and I was told she had lost a lot of weight, and that he could feel a lump. The cat wasn't ill, was eating and drinking and was fine. The vet suggested an ultrasound. I was told this would be about 300 pound, and I could claim on my insurance, so I booked her in. On the day of the appointment, we had been sat waiting again for 20 mind, when the receptionist told us that the ultrasound guy hadn't yet arrived!! So I'm sat with a distressed cat, and they couldn't even be bothered to ring me and let me know he was late. She actually said to me ' he might be in the car park' and seemed quite surprised that I was leaving! For the amount of money they charge their service is terrible. I now have to find a new vet, and hopefully one that cares about animals and not their bank accounts and targets.

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