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Sarah 's complaint against Companion Care

Sarah Young


Unsatisfactory Loss of kitten

Complaint against Companion Care

My cat had babies 3 weeks ago i Took them to the vets for a check as one had eye discharge. We asked the vet for drops but he only gave us iodine we tried that but nothing worked we went back again for the same thing still wouldn’t give drops. The kitten started to loose weight and wasn’t feeding off mum so we called for some milk they had some but refused to give as a cat was having a c section and would need it we was desperate and begged but they wouldn’t give us it no other vet had any near us. We waited until the next day and managed to get some from another vet we didn’t know. I was hand feeding him. His heart rate was very rapid and his chest was very fast so we took him back. The vet said he’s small it looks faster but he looks fine he’s a fighter. We told the vet that He was born in a litter tray and we asked for some sort of medication as he really wasn’t right he took him out the back came back and said he seems fine I’m not giving you medication keep feeding him and Hel be fine. The next day he was dead. No apology just got do you want him cremated. Of course we didn’t as we would’ve had to pay so much more money I spent over £200 with the reassurance from the vet that he would be ok and that he was just the runt that would take longer to pick things up but he wasn’t the runt there was another. I knew myself that he wasn’t well being born in a dirty litter tray but The vet insisted that he didn’t need medication. IF this was the case why did he die it’s a miss diagnosis and I want some sort of compensation. I’ve been there 3x once a week. Today I went back as I needed eye drops for another kitten our appointment was at 12 and we got seen at 1:15 we signed in then a lady came after us and went in with her 7 yes 7 cats that were there to have boosters. Receptionist said we was deleted off the system as been seen when he hadn’t even seen anyone. We finally got in after waiting all that time. We was very happy with the vet today he was thorough and listened and gave us what the kitten needed. I refuse to see the other male vet again as the result of the kitten dying. It was freezing inside the vets and had to sit and wait. The kittens were getting cold so we had to ask them to take the kittens out back in a cage to stay home warm. If you don’t reply in 7 days I will talk this as far as possible this isn’t on and shouldn’t have had to pay for a consultation each time for the same thing it’s a joke. I have 12 cats and spend a lot of time and money at the vets and am appalled at the service we have received over the past few weeks.

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