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IDHA's complaint against NHS



I visited my GP on monday 4/1/2016 because of back pain ear blockage.

Complaint against NHS

On monday when I visited the Hospital with problem of Back Pain and ear blockage.The Doctors listened to me and prescribed for me some pain killers and regarding the ear block to go and make appointment at the reception for ear cleaning with a NURSE.I was given an appointment to see the nurse the following thursday..I came today to see the nurse for the ear siringhe and greeted the nurse very nicely.The nurse asked me what is your problem.I explained my problem in brief and the nurse said you have to apply OLIVE OIL for two weeks and come back so that she can clean.I EXPLAINED to the nurse this illness is for years and I apply olive oil for more than two weeks and no changes.I have to clean and can feel comfortable.The nurse started thinking for few minutes and went outside the room to collect the machine.When she came back started giving long lecture that she is very much concerned about my health and the siringhe not good can affect my ear drums and so forth.Its better you go and buy 5 Litres Olive oil keep at home and take a spoon full of it and apply in your ears 5 times a day for two good weeks.I told the nurse 5 litres of olive oil if I have will use for cooking.She became angry and said its good for your health.I tried to explain to her that I am not a doctor but I know my illness just clean.After few minutes agreed to do it but was not happy and an-professional for 2 minutes and said its okay and go home use olive oil..

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