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kevin's complaint against NHS

kevin alder


my doctor refusing to supply my medication.

Complaint against NHS

I went to see a doctor in November 2015, and my doctor has refused to supply me with some of my medication, I have had a total knee replacement, it has been over 12 months, but I suffer from osteo arthritis in many joints, I agreed to try to see if I could do without my oramorph, but after a month trying to come off it I was to sore, I went to see my surgeon this month and he has told me that my knee replacement has come loose, it is due to my bone bowing, he said for me to try to hold on as long as I can before he operates again. he wants me to hold back on the operation because each time he operated I have developed dvt, so I had to take warfarin, I am also going for an xray on the 28th of November on my other knee as it keeps on giving way on me. I also had a full shoulder replacement around 6 years ago. my surgeon said he will send the doctor in question a letter explaining why it is important to keep me on the medication that gives me a better quality of life. and free if not all of the time but some of the time of cronic pain. I used to be a very active person my life has changed in so many ways, all I want is to be pain free for some hours in the day, i don't regard myself as being addicted, and i certainly don't think what i am going through as being all in my head. all i am asking for is to be treated as a human being, and not to be dictated to. kind regards. kevin.

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