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Beverley's complaint against NHS

Beverley Choules


patient discharged

Complaint against NHS

My 80 year old father was taken to GWH hospital by ambulance on Friday 4th September due to having a seizure at home. The A&E department decided to keep him in for observation and he was still unwell. My mother, daughter and myself stayed with him until he was taken up to the ward and settled. My mother gave the ward her telephone number and my fathers list of medication as he would need some that evening. During the night my father had asked 2 doctors and several nurses for his medication but none was given to him. My father was unable to sleep all night due to not having his medication. When the doctor came to do his rounds the next morning he apologised for no medication given when he had given them to a nurse. The next morning my mother called the ward to see how he was and that we would be up to see him during visiting hours, the nurse said she would tell my father. At 2pm my daughter called the ward to make sure he was still in the same ward before they go and visit, my daughter was told he had been discharged 20 minutes earlier. My daughter was not happy and said you better find him as none of us has been called to tell us he was allowed home. My daughter in panic went to the hospital only to find my father sat at the hospital bus stop in jogging bottoms and t shirt shivering with the cold. My father had no discharge paper's or an explanation as to why he had the seizure. My mother took my father to the doctor on the Monday and told him what had happened, the doctor wanted to know why my father had no discharge papers or an appointment gor a CT scan. My family and I are unhappy as my father should never had been discharged in that way and want to know why this had happened.

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