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Kirsty's complaint against Pontins

Kirsty jones


Dirty, vile, unhelpful staff, couldn't wait to get from there!!!!

Complaint against Pontins

don't even know where to start :( we paid £438 for absolute rubbish!!! We arrived to check in at 2pm as stated on our letter to be told due to a downgrade in our booking we had to check in at 4pm!!! We wasn't made aware of this at any given point during our booking!!! Asked if there was any chance of an upgrade as 1 of us dropped out to be told nothing available however on return On their Facebook page we seen a post stating a family had been offered a FREE UPGRADE for their family of 6 to a club apartment!!!!! Onto the apartment itself we got the keys 286 and 287 - got told by the blue coat giving us them that they were next door to each other.... Nope wrong again.... They were about 10 apartments away and on opposite sides of the block so our family was split up!!!! Got into the apartment and found mold in the bathrooms, the light fittings weren't attached to the ceilings correctly, the one apartment had paneling bubbling and coming away behind the bathroom sink, the plates had to be washed by myself due to there being dried food stuck to them!!!!! One apartment didn't have glasses and one of the cookers was so laden with grease in the bottom it couldn't be used!!! I did not come on holiday to be oven cleaning filth!!!! We found crumbs and food tucked in the crease of the sofa bed when we pulled it out - so glad I brought disinfectant with me as the bathroom smelled like a nightclubs men's urinals!!! Fausty!!!! So after HAVING to clean the apartment we wandered over to customer services to be fobbed off with a piece of paper with an email address on.... Not even an apology!! Now onto the facilities.... With a family with 5 children ranging from 1 to 15 years old we expected a lot for them to be able to do as stated on the website... However this "amazing fantastic new inflatable pirate ship" was put up on 1 day - in the hammering down rain so couldn't be used... The "under 4's" area was diabolical with just a plastic run down kitchen with nothing to play with it with and a few chunky cubes... Rediculous!!! We found every night without fail there wasn't enough room in the fun factory to accommodate the families on site so we thought we would try "lunars showbar" see if they had room, they had tons of room - because it was closed EVERY day and night!!!!! Only opening once for a "paid for" Halloween party which also WASNT made aware of before arriving at the park!!! Their website for the Halloween special clearly stated "including a Halloween party for the kids" not once was it stated this had to be paid for!!!! One day The pool was cold and I had to get out with my 1 year old as she was shivering, she then become very snotty and coughing terrible!! Another day my partner and the older kids try the pool again - he got out and said it was so hot it was like he was getting into a bath!!! Thought we would try it once more with little one but when we got there we got told it was closed due to cleaning even though the timetable (which we photographed) stated it was open!! Not once during the holiday was the slide open in the pool either. A man who was In The pool with his family even picked up a loose tile off the floor of the pool!!!!! And onto crazy golf.... 4 people including myself fell on the course due to the rain making it like an ice rink, I had to be seen by a first aider due to landing awkward and my leg burning, I had bruising up my leg, pains in my arm and shoulder from landing yet even after 4 accidents we were told they would NOT close it!!!! We have emailed them on several occasions since returning and they are now ignoring every email!! Disgusting customer service, disgusting park!!

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