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Yvonne's complaint against Pontins

Yvonne Corrins


The chalet was filthy the oven was so rusty we could not use it.

Complaint against Pontins

First the chalet was filthy and the oven was so rusty we could not use it. It only had a bath which was chipped and cracked and was blue as if it was from the 1970's in fact the chalets did not look like they had been refurbished since the 1970's. The club house was so hot and when we complained was told the air conditioning had not worked for 3 seasons. They had airconditioning units but these were useless. Considering people were drinking alcohol in this club house it was a wonder that there wasn't a fatality. Majority of the activities had to be paid for. Every where you went you had to line up for over half hour as there were not enough staff to cover everything. The staff were great but it was obvious that they were down hearted because of the conditions they were working in even they were telling people to complain. The food outlets were dirty and tables were not cleared away. Again you lined up for a good half hour and when we got to the counter half the food was no longer on offer as they had not made enough. As you had to pay for the food before you even lined up it was difficult to then not just have to take what was on offer whether you liked it or not. Although the holiday was reasonably priced it was such a bad experience I would never go there again. Everyone you spoke to was moaning. When we got back I emailed Pontins and told them everything I have told you but just got a standard letter back saying they were sorry I didn't enjoy it and offering me 30% off my next holiday at Camber Sands like I would go back there ever again. The name Pontins used to be great and I had some wonderful holidays there when I was a kid but it has now been run into the ground.

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Pontins failed to resolve this complaint

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Yvonne Corrins | | VERIFIED

Pontins never responded but still keep sending me emails inviting to go back this year. No chance.
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