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Vivienne's complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

Vivienne Robinson


Paid for Failure

Complaint against Purple Bricks Estate Agents

The advert on TV makes you want to sign up as did we. They act like two bumbling baboons joking and clowning about and saying how good they are, watch the advert. Then real life sets in. You are put on a website with pictures and the facilities to actually sell the house yourself, manage all your viewings.. You sign for a one off fee of £798.00 which increases. They hound you to sign for their own consultancy, three emails to get us to start up our file before even the 1st viewing. When viewings are not happening they start trying to make you put the price down by between 4% & 8% within weeks of marketing your home. People go the site and make bookings and never turn up with no way of contacting them. People were viewing who did not want to move for 3-6 months and were just browsing ( time wasters ) There were a lot of these. Our personal experienced agent was nowhere to be seen. never replied to messages left. Would only call to suggest we drop the price yet again. But you see the clever part of Purple Bricks is you pay whatever the outcome. If they sell you pay If you go with another agent you pay If you take it off the market you pay If after 10 months it remains unsold you pay If you sell via another agent you pay Whatever scenario - you pay. They are in a win win situation. Every homeowner who signs with Purple Bricks pays. What other agent can claim to have a sure way of being paid for every house on their books. They keep reminding you to pay up or you will be charged interest. This company needs regulating in line with all other Estate Agents or they will continue to get away with this.

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Joanna Allen | | VERIFIED

I too have been ripped off by purplebricks. Firstly my house was over valued by at least £70,000, I was given hope they'd sell my property without any difficulty. I signed up and anxiously awaited some viewings...two weeks passed and not one viewing! I decided to get another estate agent in, they re-valued it and explained how they thought it had been over valued. I decided to change estate agents, sadly I was completely unaware of the fee I'd have to pay regardless of them selling it or not!

Vivienne Robinson | | VERIFIED

Please please if anyone else has been duped by this company, complain to the Property Ombudsman to help others from being duped.

Joanne barnes | | VERIFIED

Hi Vivienne, I'm just wondering how you are getting on with your complaint to the ombudsman regarding Purple Bricks? Our house is currently on the market with them since beginning of Feb, and we have had no viewings. We feel that the terms of their contract and unfair by having to pay their fees in full. And also, when the local agent came to value the house she never mentioned this to us, which I feel she should have done as she could have made us more aware of this.

Joanna Kellett | | VERIFIED

Exactly the same for me. What was the outcome? We are about to complain to the Property Ombudsman

alexandra Docherty | | VERIFIED

Hi, I am also wondering how you got on with your complaint, I am just about to start the complaints process as I had the same experiences, as above but I had 3 viewings but 1 was the same person. Who cancelled almost immediately after booking. I am wondering if there's a minimum quota pb needs have to say they have done enough to have met the requirements.

ram bam | | VERIFIED

There is no point taking compliant to Ambudsman since they are getting paid by the one you complaining about Google it
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