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Andrew's complaint against Greensleeves Lawn Treatment

Andrew Russell


Poor service with problems created by provider

Complaint against Greensleeves Lawn Treatment

Have had lawns treated for 2 years by Greensleeves but on the latest visit a large bald patch had appereaded, when i contacted the provider and he inspected the lawn he recommended scarification and reseeding at a cost of £25 . He accepted no responsibility for damage caused and when i challenged what i was actually paying for by e mail , they have completely ignored me.

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Greensleeves Lawn Treatment failed to resolve this complaint

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Niall MacMahom | | VERIFIED

Hi Andrew sorry to here about this. Could you provide us with your post code so that we can work out which Greensleeves office you have been dealing with.

Andrew Russell | | VERIFIED


Andrew Russell | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Niall MacMahom | | VERIFIED

Thanks. Someone from the relevant office will be in touch shortly.

Andrew Russell | | VERIFIED

Its now 5 days after your reply and im still waiting for a response from your relevant office

Niall MacMahom | | VERIFIED

Sorry for the delay. Someone will be in touch shortly.

Andrew Russell | | VERIFIED

Not willing to rectify or admit to problems caused immediately after lawn treatment.
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