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Anil's complaint against BBC

Anil Lakhani


Programme quality

Complaint against BBC

All TV owners pay £145.00 per year and the quality of programs you have been presenting over last 20 years have been dreadful. We do not watch any of BBC TV or radio programs as we find them absolutely rubbish with a few exceptions of natural world & quite a few are repeats. You must have shown Sound of Music and quite a few American movies about 100 times over the years. They are also of the same breed. There are so many other International movies from the world you could show. You have same newscasters and journalist of same caste over so many years. These same journalists are sent all over to give the breaking news with their own biased views. Are no new ones trained? Please compare the quality of presentation of programs on TV 5 Monde (channel 825 on Virgin) They have a new news presenter every week. Documentaries, films soaps and in between small programs are very educational & informative. Very few new programs are created, where does all this money go? We strongly feel you should not be charging at all but we would say even £10.00 per year is too much. Before general public revolts please remove compulsory charges and come in line with others where you pay to see their programs.

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BBC failed to resolve this complaint

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Eddie mcdonagh | | VERIFIED

this is bbc ripping us off pay or go to prison

Anil Lakhani | | VERIFIED

No response from BBC as yet

Anil Lakhani | | VERIFIED

BBC has not responded as yet. If public starts questioning how the money is being spent or boycott paying they may take interest to reply!!

Anil Lakhani | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Anil Lakhani | | VERIFIED

No reply to our query to BBC.
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