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Abbey's complaint against Coca-Cola London Eye

Abbey Parr



Complaint against Coca-Cola London Eye

Last weekend me and some other friends visited London for a few days. We bought tickets from the London eye ticket office opposite the eye itself. We bought the two attractions for £40 which was the eye and the dungeons. We went on the eye then headed to the dungeons, we was then told at the dungeons we are fully booked for today but you can book in at our desk with your tickets for tomorrow. We explained that we was leaving to go home in the morning so could not make tomorrow so we asked for a refund on the dungeon tickets we had bought. Both managers at the dungeons and the London eye ticket office refused us a refund. I explained that we had all would of just wasted £20 each as we are not able to see the dungeons and we are not able to have our money back which I think is disgusting!! The manager at the London eye office was very rude and not even apologetic! It ruined our trip altogether as we was all ripped off and the money we wasted could of been used to do something else. When we bought the tickets the lady at the desk never suggested going to the dungeons first as they are selling out spaces fast! and not only that I could barely understand her. I am furious about the situations and The London eye sales still have £120 of our money when we got nothing from it except from a ruined trip and a rude manager!

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