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Penny's complaint against Rates and Rental Surveyors

Penny James


Nothing Done

Complaint against Rates and Rental Surveyors

In March 2014 I paid them £800 + vat to do a rate review on a business we had at the time. They said it would be done in May, then July, but nothing done yet. When I contact them I'm fobbed off with somebody will ring but nobody ever does. They say they are still getting paperwork together. What makes it worse is that I went through the Yougov website and I thought they were the official company that deals with the rebates. I want my money back as they have done nothing for me.

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Toni Gilham | | VERIFIED

Toni Gilham | 14/12/2018 | VERIFIED I am going through the same thing a bill for 4k and they are now apparently taking me to court they put in an appeal and withdrew it.. my rates were reduced by the government and R,&R Are now stating I owe them commission on the reduction regardless of how it was achieved.. I will be counter sueing with the help of a rates profesdional who would be more than wi
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