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Harinder's complaint against UK Mail

Harinder Johal


Delivery & Advisor on the phone!

Complaint against UK Mail

I was expecting my parcel from Giffgaff today, checked tracking, and I received a text msg this morning to say my parcel will be delivered today between 08:48-09:48, of course I was at work, but my parents were home. I checked the tracking info online, it said 'please call'.. So when I did, none of the options were relevant, but just pressed opt 2, then a load of 1's, got through to an agent, now bare in mind, this was lunch time, this agent answered but didn't speak, when he finally spoke, he sounded half asleep, asked me to confirm my name and address, I did that, he asked how he could help, and whilst I was telling him, he interrupted me, asked me for my consignment number, then asked me to confirm my name and address again! Not once was I even acknowledged, the call was by far the worst I have ever experienced! I've worked in call centres for over 10 years, and not once have I ever come across such bad telephone manner! He continued to interrupt me, didn't even speak clearly, then asked me for directions from the rugby club to my house for the driver.. Do you not provide your drivers with sat navs??!! I gave him the directions, he didn't thank me once, told me he'll pass it onto the driver and my delivery will be with me tomorrow, then just said sorry for the inconvenience.. Without even actually sounding sorry! Didn't even ask me if I needed anything else, just thanked me for calling and went! I would be so ashamed if I was a senior at UK Mail if we hired people like that to represent the company over the phone to its thousands of customers! I'm disgusted! I know I will get my parcel tomorrow, I don't doubt that, the delivery has always been 100% with yourselves in the past, which is another reason I can't understand how the driver didn't manage to find my property, it's not hard! Oh another thing about the agent, he didn't even explain the reason as to why my parcel didn't arrive, but if he did, I missed it as I could just about hear and understand him! I felt as though I'd woken him from a nap, which is clearly incompetent and not professional at all. I expect my complaint to be taken seriously, and not to be fobbed off, I have made a copy of it, and if I do not hear back from yourselves in 2 working days, the complaint will be displayed on social media for the world to see.

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