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Barbara's complaint against Barclays UK



Barclays bank is a sham and a scam over disputes

Complaint against Barclays UK

I went into Barclays bank several months ago over money being taken out of my account by a family member without my permission several months ago and they said they could not help me, I was very disappointed as the person took a lot of money without my authority. Twice I asked them and each time said they could not help, I then spoke to itunes whom my money was paid to and they said I needed to speak with Barclays and to dispute the unauthorised payment. I then had to create a huge fuss as they put me through to someone in India and it is now apparent their main role is to not help me the customer at all but instead to try every way to unresolved the dispute to try to 'get rid of you'. I was upset that they were not willing to help and insisted I speak to someone from the UK in higher authority, they then put me through to someone from the UK who said they would help and asked me to fill in a form which I did and sent back with my disputed unauthorised account payments to Itunes. 2 weeks later I get a phone call which I missed and a letter asking me to call a person from India. Straight away I'm irritated because I know where this is going! so I call the no. and she asked me security questions which I answered she asked me which charity shops do I shop at, also a clothes shop where I bought something in last 6 months, any online clothes purchases and then she asks anything I bought electronically and I said I cannot remember on the last question and she says she cannot help me!!! now I'm really irritated and said I was and could someone call me back. I am sick and tired of scamming banks wasting my time having no intentions of helping me, they knew I wanted to speak to someone from the UK and still I end up in India. Now I would not mind if they could resolved issues but it seems to me they they are there to help the bank get out of helping. I want to speak to someone from the UK who will settle this dispute as they should have done when I first asked several months ago.

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