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Trevor's complaint against Barclays UK

Trevor Sellars


I paid in £5k cash into the bank and r'cd a stamped receipt. My account was credited with £4180,

Complaint against Barclays UK

On the 2nd January 2016, I took a £5k cash in £20 notes, into the Gloucester Branch of Barclays Bank to pay into my account. I was told that they would not count the cash but it would be credited to my account after it had been counted by them. They put the cash into one of their plastic bags, took my contact details and issued me with a stamped receipt for £5k. On the 5th January, I printed off a mini statement to confirm that the money had been added to my account and noted that the sum of £4180 was credited on the 4th of January, (two days after I had deposited the £5k). I went into the Bank on the same day, the 4th January, and queried the mistake. I was told that the money was counted correctly and that they had left a message on my telephone advising me of the shortfall. I can confirm that no message or missed calls have been logged on my mobile phone, which was the contact number I gave to the Bank when I deposited the money. The Bank are stating that they are correct and there's nothing I can do about it, as it's their word against mine. I can confirm that the money was counted by myself and a family member before it was put in the envelope prior to paying it into the Bank.

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