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Kathleen Sheila's complaint against BT

Kathleen Sheila Ginty


BT are rubbish. Changed service provider to BT. Told internet active on 13th August. Still not.

Complaint against BT

Changed service provider to BT. Phone line working although stopped 1571 without telling me. Internet was supposed to be active on 13th August. I have phoned at least 6 times and spoke to about 10 different people. The internet is still not active causing problems with me contacting people. Cannot speak to director told not available. Now due to go on holiday and need internet told may not be ready till 14th. The whole service has been ridiculous. BT are supposed to be superior but my contact with them has been one of lies, nor returning calls when told they would and not actually doing anything to help the customer. I am considering moving again to another company. I would advise no -one to move to BT.

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gheorghe dobas | | VERIFIED

If you move they will charge you an early termination fee. I'm waiting for my service to go live for 3 weeks now . And they never respond to complains on this site
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